BIOCZ is a new brand of medicinal haircare products created with rosemary, Onion, Coffee Beans and cinnamon. 

For this product my tasks included: 

Creating a new logo using the face of the creator in a modern and contemporary form and developing the branded labels and promotional materials for production. 

Creating ‘How To’ and promotional videos following their haircare workshops. 

The video was created using Adobe Spark, and all logo, label and photo work was managed with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.. 



These are a few initial design ideas I created as an instant response to the brief. 

Following discussions with the client we developed the logo based on the face of the creator at her request.

The colours and brand are all representing of the creator of the product as she wanted to feel proud of her project and make sure it is inline with her and her brands identity 

Internal Communication Projects

What's all this then?


These are a small selection of stills and documents that were created for different internal communication strategies and training videos I developed in the coorporate world. 

Please download the full portfolio with the link Below. 

This work was created with a mixture of Adobe creative suite, VSDC, Movie Maker, Canva & Vyond. I managed all filming, design and content on these projects..